Frequently Asked Questions

What is invotrak?

Invotrak is a simple site designed to make your invoice-tracking efforts as simple as possible. Use invotrak to record billing records for your clients, notify them of the invoice, and keep track of what you're owed.

What can I do with invotrak?

  • Track invoices you issue to your clients
  • Determine what you're owed, by whom, and when it's due
  • Keep track of your (and your employees') hours, and what client to bill
  • Keep track of overdue invoices and revenue collected
  • Notify your clients of new invoices they owe
  • Create handy graphs of invoicing patterns
  • Keep a copy of issued invoices for future reference
  • Save time and collect the money your owed

How much does it cost?

Invotrak comes in four different flavors: free, for users who invoice infrequently, Basic, Premium, and Unlimited for users who have greater needs. Prices range from $9 to $45 a month for the various subscriptions (or, zero of course). You choose what plan matches your needs best, and only pay for what you need. You can always upgrade or downgrade your account too.

Why should I use invotrak?

There's a lot of billing management software and services out there, many of which are quite good. The main problem, as we see it, is price and complexity. Many people (us included) don't want to pay the high prices for features we'll never use, or spend a lot of time learning some new application. We created invotrak for our own invoice tracking needs, keeping it simple yet useful enough to get the job done.

Getting started is a snap. You can sign up for a free account in moments. Why not give it a try?

Do you send branded emails?

Nope. We don't attach our name to anything you do on our site - emails you send to your clients will appear as if you sent them directly from your email client, and invoices you track won't be modified by us in any way.

How do I get started?

It's easy: just signup for an account, add a client or two and then start tracking your invoices.

How do I track an invoice?

First, make sure you have at least one client listed in your account (you'll need someone to send the bill to, after all). Next, click the Record Invoice link on the Invoices page, and fill in the invoice information (i.e. total cost, a tracking ID of your choice, comments, etc). You can also upload your invoice document (such as a Microsoft Word or PDF file) to record for future reference.

Once you've added the invoice information, you can optionally notify your client using the built-in email functionality. Just click the Send Email link and fill out the email form. If you uploaded a file, it will automatically be attached to the email. And that's it!

How do I notify my client of the invoice?

Simple - just use the built-in email form. After recording an invoice, click the Send Email link to get to the email form. There, fill out the necessary fields. Note the From field should be your email, and will appear to the client as having originated from this address. Also, when first going to this form, invotrak will fill out many of the fields for you based on the client contact information and your optional email template.

What's an Email Template?

Often, you'll be sending email alerts that are very similar to one another (especially if you're invoicing a particular client on a regular basis). So, to save you the hassle of retyping the email each time, just use the Email Template feature (found on your settings page). Write up an email (optionally using the wildcards), and each time you use the Send Email feature, the message body will be filled out based on this template.

How do I know if an invoice is past due?

It's done automatically! When you first record an invoice, you selected the "term" (how much time the client has to pay the bill). Every time you look at the invoices page, invotrak calculates the time remaining on those invoices and highlights any that are past-due. This allows you to quickly see what clients aren't paying their bills, and you can send them a reminder using the built-in email feature.

Can I track timesheets using invotrak?

Absolutely! One of the newest features of invotrak is the ability to track timesheets, both for yourself, and your employees. These entries record the time spent, the client to bill to, and details on the work involved. You can then collect these entries into reports.

Can my employees use invotrak too?

Sure, it's easy. Just go to your Settings page, and add an email address for each individual you want to have access to invotrak. You can also choose whether these logins are allowed to view your invoices (as well as record new ones), or just timesheets. Employees and contractors, for instance, are usually set to the Employee setting, which allows them to record timesheet entries for you to review; others in your company that should have access to the invoices you issue should be set to the Admin setting.

Will you spam my clients or me?

Never. We'll never send an email or any other correspondence to any client you list on our site for any reason, and the only emails you'll ever receive from us are account-related (i.e. forgot your password, etc). We won't sell/rent/otherwise divulge any contact information you give us, except if required by law. For more details, take a look at our Privacy Notice.

I'm a Mac user. Do you have a Dashboard widget?

Why yes, we do. Get a heads-up overview of your billing status with the invotrak Dashboard widget.

Is my information secure?

We take reasonable precautions to ensure your information is secure: all communications between our server and your web browser are encrypted with high-grade 128-bit SSL. We maintain firewalls on all of our servers and backup data on a daily basis. In addition, all of our servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center with biometric authentication, key-card access, and video surveillance monitored 24x7 by experienced support technicians.

Where can I get more information about invotrak?

Check out the About page, and the invotrak blog.

Is there a Terms of Service for invotrak?

There is: Terms of Service.

What is the privacy policy?

It's all spelled out in the Privacy Policy.

How can I contact you?

Just send us an email at info -AT- invotrak -DOT- com or use the contact form on our website.