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Invotrak is a full-featured online invoicing and timesheet tracking application that can save you time and money. It's also includes many of the features you need to speed up your billing tasks.

  • Record your work


    Your employees and contractors can all login to Invotrak and enter details about their work. You can use this information to bill your clients.

  • Track your progress


    Invotrak keeps track of your billed time and compares it against your project's budgeted time. Know your status at any time.

  • Create stunning invoices


    Use timesheets, or enter line items manually, to create your invoices. Choose from our various pre-designed invoice templates to wow your clients.

  • Get paid on time


    Keep track of what you're owed. Invotrak can automatically notify your clients if an invoice is upcoming, and alert you when it's overdue.

Everything you need

Choosing the right plan

Invotrak comes in four levels. Choosing which one is right for you is based on how many invoices you'll be sending out each month. Except for the free plan, each level has all of the same features available.

Online Invoicing Done Right

With Invotrak, you're never locked into a plan. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription any time you like.

You can even kick the tires with our free account until you're ready to upgrade.

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Feature Unlimited Premium Basic Free


The number of invoices you can create and send each month.

unlimited 25/mo 10/mo 2/mo


Each invoice you create is attributed to a client.

unlimited unlimited unlimited

Employee/Staff Accounts

Allow other people on your team to record timesheets and/or create invoices.

unlimited unlimited unlimited

Client Accounts

Allow your clients to review their invoices, projects, and timesheets.

unlimited unlimited unlimited


Enter your estimates and keep track of your project budgets.


Online Payments

Allow your clients to login and pay their invoices securely.


Invoice Templates

Create invoices in style.